Step by Step Guide on How to Create an Adsense Account?

Are you a blogger?  Then am pretty sure that you are acquainted with the term Google AdSense.  It is a contextual program which can help you earn good revenue and lead a quite luxurious life by sharing your blogging skills through Google AdSense account.

To know elaborately about Google AdSense and how to make money through it, read my old post about Google AdSense and get the insight of how you can earn money through it.

However, my today’s post is about how to create an AdSense account but before that, I would like to give you a bird’s eye view of Google AdSense.

Google Adsense is program where publishers will place ads on their websites or blogs. When someone clicks on these ads, Google will pay a certain amount to these publishers.

Before applying for Google Adsense, you must need to know some most essential points.

  • 1. First of all, you must have a website with quality content
  • 2. You have to be 18+ for applying Google Adsense otherwise you have to apply using the name of your parent or guardian who gives you permission to do so


Steps to create an AdSense account:


Search for Google AdSense in Google’s search box and you will be redirected to a page with various links like the one I have attached below. Click on the 1st link and it will take you to the signup for Adsense page :


How to Create Google Adsense Account


Next ,  click on sign up now button as shown below


how to sign up to google adsense


After clicking on signup button you will be redirected to the main Adsense account creation page.

Here you will get two options

  • 1. Sign in with your existing Google account
  • 2. Create a new Google Account

Now existing Gmail user can go for direct Sign In.  Simply enter your email address and password in the Sign in box. New user would need to create a fresh account


how to sign in to google adsense


Website Details Page:


Now on “Your Website” page, give your website or blog name in the “My website” field. Next select your primary language that you use for your website content in the “Content-language” field.

Note: Keep in mind that before providing your website URL; make sure to add URL without HTTP:// as prefix. For example: don’t use or, simply use

google adsense website details page



how to fill google adsense page details


Contact Information Page:


Finally an application form appearing on “Your Information” page, will ask you about your contact information. Provide all the information accordingly.

You should have to be very careful while writing Payee Name.  Your bank account name must match with the payee name. As per Adsense terms, you are not allowed to change your payee name later, in many countries including India. So, before moving to the next step be sure that your payee name tally with your bank account name.


best method to how to create adsense account


List of Countries where you can’t change Payee Name after completing the Sign up process.

If you are from the country which are not included in this list, you may change your payee name from settings > Payments > select Payee Profile > under the Payee profile section > click edit.


Adsense policies:

Read the terms and service of AdSense click on the checkbox “Yes, I have read and accept the agreement “and click Accept.

google adsense terms and conditions



Google Verification Process:


When you create an account in Google, you get a phone number verification option that appears at the end of the Adsense account registration process. You can verify it through text message or voice call.

Let us verify through text message.


google adsense phone verification


Google will send a code to the phone number provided by you.


google phone no message verification


Enter the verification code in the box like the screenshot attached below and then click on verify to complete the process.




After that you will get receive confirmation message like: Thanks for applying to Adsense


google adsense application submission

Once you are done signing up for Adsense, you need to place ad code in your blog. After you place the ad code, the Adsense team will review your application form again. Finally, your account will get activated and you will get an Adsense Pin. The whole process will take around 1 to 2 months, depending upon your geographical area.


If you want to get instant Adsense approval, then try to create Adsense for  After getting approved, you can easily join your blog later.


How to place Adsense ad code in your Website or Blog:


Go to your Homepage > on the top left corner click on the ‘My ads tab’ > click ‘New ad unit’ > give an ad unit name and choose an ad format and click ‘save and get the ad code’. Now copy the ad code and close it.


how to place adsense ad code in your website


Now go to your blog and open a page in HTML format and paste this ad code at any suitable position of your <body> …</body> tags, or if you use WordPress for website then go to Appearance and then widgets > add Text/HTML widget to your website and paste the code, you can also use Plugin to put this ad code.


google adsense code implementation guide


You are now just two steps away to get paid from your Adsense account.

  • 1. Submit your Tax Information
  • 2. Enter your Pin number to verify your address


 Adsense Pin:


Once you have reached the threshold of $10, Google will send you an Adsense Pin via postal mail. You will get a postal letter directly from Mountain View, California, Google HO.

This is done for your address verification process by Google. You need to add the Pin to your Adsense Account. Now once payment threshold reaches $100 you will receive payment from Google.


You can read this guide to learn about enabling direct bank deposit for your AdSense account.


For Indian site owners, read:

  1. How Google Adsense makes payment in India
  2. How to enable direct bank transfer for AdSense payment in India


I hope this guide can help you to successfully create an AdSense account.


If you have any questions regarding the Adsense account creation process then feel free to ask me via the comments section.

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